Restaurant near the "Big Bench" 166, a bench designed by Chris Bangle

The Big Bench 166 located in San Fedele Intelvi.

La Bolla Restaurant is located among the paths of Intelvi Valley near the giant bench "Big Bench" 166.

Nestled like a green and precious emerald between the blue of two lakes, that of Como and that of Lugano, the Intelvi Valley is a place to be discovered for a holiday dedicated to walks in the open air, relaxation and, because nope, good food! Here you will find paths within everyone's reach, fairy-tale woods, wide expanses, ancient villages, well-rooted traditions and easily accessible viewpoints that offer an incomparable view of the lakes. In short, if you are looking for a stay in the mountains that satisfies everyone, young and old, this is the place for you!

From 2021 Intelvi Valley also has its giant bench!
The Big Bench 166.
Born from the idea of Chris Bangle, an American designer, the giant benches are part of a non-profit initiative called the "Big Bench Community Project".
They are installations of giant benches that aim to discover and enhance little-known territories and landscapes and to increase tourism by supporting local communities. The Intelvi Valley bench is located just a stone's throw from us, on the pasture at the foot of Pizzo della Croce, in the locality of Bolla, and is absolutely worth a visit. Come and enjoy an incredible view of the mountains and Lake Como.

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Open all year round: every Saturday, Sunday and midweek holidays.